MEAA 2012: Winner Showcase, Syahbandi Samat

Syahbandi Samat studied at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya and has slowly been gaining momentum in the local art scene by participating in numerous group exhibitions. His exhibitions to date include Pelita Hati Gallery’s ‘Open Show’ and House of MATAHATI’s ‘Artriangle’ (both 2010), ‘Life and Nature’ at Pelita Hati in 2011, and TAKSU’s ‘Open Show’ earlier this year.


As is widely accepted, folklore, proverbs and myth are stories that have been created and retold for the sake of entertainment and education. They pass down from one generation to the next and whilst many of the tales are related to human behaviour, the examples in these stories are often illogical nonsensical – especially in today’s circumstances.

However, what if examples from these tales really came true? What if a cat could grow horns? Or if the moon could really fall onto one’s lap? If the noses of liarsreally grew as long as Pinocchio’s, then this world would surely be filled with people walking around with long noses.

Bagai Menanti Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba... / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 136 x 90cm


Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 148 x 243cm (each)

Thinking in the Box (Why Don't I Make it Bigger) / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 86 x 167cm

Tikam Belakang / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 149 x 84cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series Pinnochio (Still the Old Me) / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 158 x 84cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series the Frog Prince (Well, I Don’t Mind Not Turning Back to Human Now)
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 183 x 61cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series Snow White (The Deer Head Look Nice on the Wall, Don’t They)
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 115.5 x 89.5cm

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