MEAA 2009 : The Finalist

Tan Nan See (1977) Art Goes On : Sleeping Bag
2008/Appliquéd sleeping bag/95 x 222cm

Art Goes On: Luckey Box
2009/Paper mache, painted wood and string/155 x 60cm

My Sleeping Bag
2008/Colour photograph /15.3 x 11cm/(Edition 3)

Taufiq Mohd (1977)
Mu Beh Skali
2009/Acrylic, handmade paper & resin/91.5 x 91.5cm

Killing Gets Easier The More You Do It
2009/Acrylic, canvas, handmade paper & resin /183 x 70cm

Kuca Lana
2009/Acrylic, canvas, handmade paper & resin/183 x 70cm

Tiong Chai Heing (1986) My hometown
2009/Oil on canvas/182 x 120cm

White seashore
2009/Oil on canvas/104 x 75cm

A bout of graceful sing
2009/Oil on canvas/150 x 100cm

Wan Mohd Zulkifle Wan Yaacob (1982) Hijrah Series No.7: Tumpang Berteduh I
2009/Acrylic on canvas/183x215.5cm

Hijrah Series No.6: Menadah Tangan Kiri
2009/Acrylic on canvas/122 x 183cm

Hijrah Series No.8: Tumpang Berteduh II
2009/Acrylic on canvas / 213 x 186cm (3 Panels)

Yim Yen Sum (1987)
The conversation I
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/175 x 163cm

The conversation II
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/35 x 35cm

The conversation III
2009/Transfer print on rice paper/10 x 22 x 6.5cm

Zulkarnain Hassan (1980)
2009/Gypsum and mix media/35.5 x 38 x10cm

2009/Gypsum and mix media /30.5 x 25.5 x 25.5cm

2009/Gypsum and mix media/73.5 x 23 x 13cm

M. Safwan Ahmad (1984)
I Was Framed by a Bunch of Clowns
2009/Wood, acrylic, oil based ink/108 x 104 x 20cm

I Know Who Did That
2009/Wood, acrylic, oil based ink/130 x 35 x 20cm

Something Seems Obviously Different
2009/Wood, industrial ink/140 x 94 x 20cm
Mahadi Ayob (1984)
My Rice Cooker
2009/Acrylic on canvas/182 x 153cm

Goh Chai Seng (1977)
Spirit I
2009/Oil on canvas/178 x 178cm

Spirit III
2009/Oil on canvas/138 x 178cm

Spirit II
2009/Oil on canvas/178 x 17cm

Chong Kean Foong (1982)
Pekeliling’s Night
2009/Digital Print on Special Paper/90 x 120cm/ (Edition 5)

After School
2009/Digital Print on Special Paper/90 x 120cm/ (Edition 5)

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