MEAA 2014: Winner Showcase, Shafiq Nordin

A native of the state of Negeri Sembilan, Shafiq Nordin gained his BA in Fine Arts (Hons) from UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor in 2012.

Shafiq has been participating actively in local group exhibitions since the completion of his formal art education. He was also chosen as a resident artist in Morne Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. His works were also exhibited in galleries in Singapore and Cologne, German.

Shafiq has also taken part in the Pertandingan Seni Tampak Terbuka, Galeri Seni Johor in 2009 and also won 3rd Prize at the Landscape Design Challenge, Malacca.


Most of my artworks using chimeric animals as the subject matter to personify human character and crisis. For ‘Mad Dog and The Superficial Inside’, ‘Hooreyy!!! Supercow Coming!!!’ and ‘Kingdom of Fake Crisis’; the theme lingers on humanity and world peace, following the Israeli illegal occupation in Palestine while the rest of the artworks reflects the issues of ethics in the local art scene.

Mad Dog and The Superficial Inside
2014 | Acrylic & linoink on canvas | 186 x 238cm

Hooreyy !!! Supercow Coming !!!
2014 | Acrylic & linoink on canvas | 186 x 238cm

Kingdom of Fake Crisis 
2014  | Acrylic & lino ink on jute  | 185 x 230cm  

We Fight for Nothing 
2014 | Acrylic & lino ink on jute | 185 x 230cm  

Hidden Intruder 
2014 | Acrylic & lino ink on jute | 185 x 230cm  
Because You are the Threat 
2014  | Acrylic & lino ink on jute with wood frame  | 60 x 60cm (each)  

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