Siund Tan, or Tan Hong Shiun, was born in Alor Star, Kedah. He holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Curtin University of Technology, Australia and has been participating in group exhibitions since 2008. Apart from Malaysia, Tan’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The artist currently lives and works in Selangor.


The triptych ‘The Creator, Sustainer & Destroyer’ illustrates the three phases of life. The work is based on the idea of the memento mori, a reminder of mortality. I composed these works in a framed format to elicit the impression of a third-person narration on the interpretation of the subjects. My aim is for these paintings to express and celebrate the beauty of the human spirit throughout the different stages of life.

Both of Us / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 102 x 122cm

The preserver / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 123 x 123cm

The Creator / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 102 x 76cm

The Destroyer / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 102 x 76cm

Long Lost Hours / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 76 x 76cm

Tanjung Bungah / 2012 / Graphite & Ink on paper / 89 x 65cm

2012 WINNERS SHOWCASE : Ng Swee Keat

Ng Swee Keat is a native of Alor Star and a graduate of the Malaysian Institute of Art, where he majored in oil painting and Chinese ink painting. His works have been collected by the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, as well as the Sultan of Perlis and Nokia (M) Sdn. Bhd.  Ng’s achievements to date include being awarded the Best Student prize at his alma mater, and in 2011, he emerged with the top prize at the UOB Painting of the Year competition. The artist has been exhibiting since 1999.


I look at different fields to find each subject’s own source of creativity – religion, nature, the environment, psychology, spirituality, space, structure, form, vision, and hallucinations. I just want to experience everything, to get a sense of life. ‘Progressive Discoverer’ is about this journey, of how I seek my own source of artistic creation from all fields. All I want to do is to experience everything, so as to endow my works with a sense of life and spiritual strength.

‘Portrayal of development’, on the other hand, is about nature and how civilization is a doorway for us to realize Mother Nature’s outcry. Our greatness is truly reflected in our built civilizations; the more we create, the more consumption and destruction we demand. Hence, Mother Nature’s outcry is directly proportionate to our desire for development.

Our mean machines create monsters that threaten our earth, and we often just assume that this is just a part of development. We live with hope, that one day, we will create the guardian machine, which will preserve our earth for us. Our forests are the lungs of our earth, but about 13 million hectares per year worldwide succumbs to deforestation. Not only does this accelerate the process of global warming, but it is also estimated that there are 100 species lost every day because of this problem. Fittingly, the United Nations declared 2011 the International Year of Forests for us all to realize the importance of forest protection.

Portrayal of Develofment Series #7/ 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 105 x 122cm

Portrayal of Develofment Series #8/ 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 105 x 122cm

Good Night / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 78 x 88cm

My Blanket / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas / 139 x 109cm

Sweet Dream Series #3 / 2008 / Acrylic on canvas / 90 x 87cm

Sweet Dream Series #4 / 2008 / Acrylic on canvas / 66 x 83cm

Daughter / 2011 / Acrylic on canvas / 90 x 55cm (each)

2012 WINNERS SHOWCASE : Sun Kang Jye

Sun Kang Jye hails from Malacca, and he received his Diploma in Fine Art from KLCA, graduating in 2000. He has been exhibiting since 1999, displaying works at key exhibitions like the Philip Morris Malaysia-ASEAN Competition and Lost Generation Space’s notthatbalai art festival.  Accolades that Sun has received include Starhill Gallery’s Visual Art Awards and an Honourable Mention at the Philip Morris Malaysia-ASEAN Competition. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Malaysia, as well as ‘Tanah Ayer: Malaysian stories from the land’ at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung.


‘The Hand of Awakening’ looks at the concept of awakening and draws inspiration from a specific event in the mid-eighteenth century, the ‘Great Awakening’ among the English inhabitants in the North American colonies. The movement was advocated by Jonathan Edwards and it was concerned with religious affection and spiritual pursuit within the aspect of experience.

Edwards and his followers believed that through the effect of such a pursuit, agendas from the public arena – politics, economics, environment, livelihood – should be brought in for reflection, to seek righteousness and reform. But such a scene is permeated with a kind of mentality that spells out ‘feel good about ourselves’ – is it true freedom that is being exercised under such an atmosphere? Or is it a packaged brand of freedom? I believe that this type of freedom can be likened to a kind of temporal happiness, which is a far cry from the ultimate end of man, or ‘the joy that God is pleased to give man’.

As such, I’ve used materials according to the concept of awakening, illustrating the concept of recycling and reusing forsaken objects, thereby proposing the possibility of putting the same concept into practice in culture and art. To me, some objects could be useless at the start, but they can marvelously be transformed into something of value, representing that born-again quality and enhancing the beautiful relationship between the 
author and the object itself.

Concave & Convex Series #1.1, #1.2, #1.3
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 122 x 91.5cm, 122 x 41cm, 122 x 122cm

Concave & Convex Series #2.1, #2.2, #2.3
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 122 x 61 cm, 122 x 91 cm, 122 x 122 cm

Concave & Convex Series #3.1, #3.2, #3.3
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 122 x 122 cm, 122 x 61.5 cm, 122 x 122 cm

Concave & Convex Series #4.1, #4.2
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 100 x 80 cm (each)

Concave & Convex Series #5.1, #5.2
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 78.5 x 59 cm (each)

Concave & Convex Series #6
2012 / Mixed media on canvas / 118.5 x 88 cm

The Hand Awakening
2011 / Wood / 104 x 48 x 65 cm

2012 WINNERS SHOWCASE : Chong Ai Lei

A native of the state of Johor, Chong Ai Lei gained her Diploma in Fine Art from Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur in 2005. She has focused on the figure since the beginning of her career and has carved a name for herself with her pastel-coloured, dreamy portraits of young women.

Chong has been participating actively in local group exhibitions since the completion of her formal art education. In 2010 and 2011, she received Honourable Mention from the Freeman Foundation Asian Artists Program, Vermont Studio Centre, USA. Chong currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur.


The ideas for my work have always been inspired by the things that surround me, such as literature, fashion, modeling, and animation. As such, it’s been natural for me to paint the female form. My earliest works were examinations of specific parts of the female body, and as my works have progressed, I’ve added more and more elements into each composition – a background, a room, a meticulously-detailed carpet.

The figures that I paint are often solitary and clouded in a pastel or flesh-coloured tint, evoking a sense of dreaminess. I feel this is apt, as my works touch on topics like solitude, detachment, and how people sometimes lose balance in their lives or in society.

Affection / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 124.5 x 168cm

Intoxicated / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 168 x 124.5cm

Coquetry / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 124.5 x 168cm

Playmate / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 155 x 135cm

Pleasure / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 124.5 x 168cm

Relaxation / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 168 x 124.5cm

2012 WINNERS SHOWCASE : Syahbandi Samat

Syahbandi Samat studied at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya and has slowly been gaining momentum in the local art scene by participating in numerous group exhibitions. His exhibitions to date include Pelita Hati Gallery’s ‘Open Show’ and House of MATAHATI’s ‘Artriangle’ (both 2010), ‘Life and Nature’ at Pelita Hati in 2011, and TAKSU’s ‘Open Show’ earlier this year.


As is widely accepted, folklore, proverbs and myth are stories that have been created and retold for the sake of entertainment and education. They pass down from one generation to the next and whilst many of the tales are related to human behaviour, the examples in these stories are often illogical nonsensical – especially in today’s circumstances.

However, what if examples from these tales really came true? What if a cat could grow horns? Or if the moon could really fall onto one’s lap? If the noses of liarsreally grew as long as Pinocchio’s, then this world would surely be filled with people walking around with long noses.

Bagai Menanti Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba... / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 136 x 90cm


Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 148 x 243cm (each)

Thinking in the Box (Why Don't I Make it Bigger) / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 86 x 167cm

Tikam Belakang / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 149 x 84cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series Pinnochio (Still the Old Me) / 2012 / Ball point on canvas / 158 x 84cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series the Frog Prince (Well, I Don’t Mind Not Turning Back to Human Now)
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 183 x 61cm

Twisted Fairy Tales Series Snow White (The Deer Head Look Nice on the Wall, Don’t They)
2012 / Ball point on canvas / 115.5 x 89.5cm